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Real Estate Investing is a field that is misunderstood by many individuals who attempt to undertake this as a venture for increasing their income.  The whole practice of REI becomes a liability rather than an asset because of many individuals lack of understanding of basic common and underlying studies.  The understanding of the basics of these underlying studies drive a person to understand that REI is not about ownership or control of real estate, but it is about the fundamentals of a financial knowledge.  Those who understand this make better decisions when investing in anything, especially real estate.

However, in order to understand finances, an individual entity must understand the relational errors that are instilled in us from the time we enter school until we enter the workforce.  Because our parents (if an person is fortunate these days to have decent parental influences) we are also inundated with the vast common intellectual parasitic infestation of "work Hard & save so that when you 'retire' you will have enough."  Then comes the insanity of life insurance, home ownership, and trying to find ways to increase money passively so that you can double what your "hard work" has produced as far as income.  Yet all the while individuals are relying on systemic failure in the banking industries, governmental regulations and personalized (yet extremely similar amidst individuals) ignorance of money, finances and the relationship between the two.


This is Why Yellow Creek, LLC was established.  The CEO and Principal Investor is very private and secretive about who is taught about such subjects.  It is understood that ideas are like virus and spread with amazing speed.  Today, with all of the technological advances we are bombarded with information at our fingertips with no guidance to discern fact from fiction with regard to monetary standards (centralized or de-centralized) and the truth about money with relation to industries like real estate.  However, on the other hand we have greater access to "weed" through the muddled convolution of individuals spewing their "knowledge" about money and real estate investing to find those who actually are knowledgeable.  These are the individuals who will give us the facts and lead us to a solid understanding which will bring about personal success.

In addition, the utilization of this knowledge then increases the chances of success for all of the "stakeholders" involved within a real estate transaction.  Buying/Selling property in a corrective fashion that sheds the unnecessary aspects of a convoluted transaction gives power back to the buyer, seller AND investor without restriction or activity that would breach moral, ethical or legal requirements 

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